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Proper care of your scarf

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Wool is a perfect material for winter clothing. Just ask any sheep. They have thick coats that are supposed to keep them warm in the cold mountains, and we, the ugly humans, steal that. Wool and cashmere keep you warm and are wonderfully soft… if you treat them well. Some people might complain that their woolen scarf is itchy - but you can try leaving it in the fridge to reduce the itchiness. Besides, most wool wholesale women's scarves​ are made with blends of wool and synthetic fibers - this makes them easier to wear and wash.

You need to wash your wool scarf properly. Probably most of you will know never to wash wool in hot water. Even if it says on the tag that your woolen scarf is shrink-resistant, it doesn’t mean that it will stay the same. Be smarter than that. Use cool water, around 30 Celcius. You might want to use a gentle detergent. Pour it into the bowl.

Simply toss the scarf into the bowl, letting it soak for a couple of minutes. When it’s fine and wet, swish it, to loosen up the dirt. Pour out the soapy water, and pour in some new and fresh water. Again, let it soak and pour out. Repeat this until the water runs clean. Don’t scrub or rub the scarf, simply rinse it in cool water.

If you do decide to wash it in the machine, use the delicate setting, and wash it in cold water. You can try to use “wool” setting, but this is dedicated to larger clothing like sweaters or jumpers. You want to wash this with other woolen delicate items. Since scarves aren’t supposed to be beaten, you don’t want it to tangle around in the laundry. If you don’t have a dedicated lingerie bag, you can simply put it in a pillowcase. That's what the producers of wholesale women's scarves do.

Since you wash it in cold water, you can’t dry it in the machine. Spread it on a towel to dry, don’t wring it. Enjoy your clean, soft scarf.

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